Puerto Rico

Could Puerto Rico Become the 51st State?

Puerto Rico became a part of the US the same year Hawaii was annexed in 1898, but while Hawaii became America's 50th state in 1959, Puerto Rico has remained in limbo as an unincorporated territory for 120 years. One of the first questions new investors ask when they're evaluating the island is what will happen to Puerto Rico if it becomes a state. The short answer is Puerto Rico is likely a long way away from becoming a state if it ever happens. The long answer is a little more complex.

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A Brief History of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico does a great job of defying expectations—sometimes, but not always, in a good way. How do you explain the culture to those who have never been here? It's neither American, nor latin, nor particularly Caribbean. It certainly doesn't feel like any of its geographical or geopolitical neighbors: Southern Florida, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, or the USVI. How did it get that way?

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5 Reasons to Move to Puerto Rico

The isla del encanto has much more to offer than you might realize and continues to inspire those that have the privilege to visit, live, or work here. Here we list our top five reasons to move to Puerto Rico, presented in no particular order.

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